Crossroads For Youth Programs

Crossroads for Youth is a private, nonprofit treatment agency that serves at-risk children and youth ages 7 - 17.


Residential facilities offering Choice Theory and Trauma informed Care as foundations for recovery from abuse and
neglect. Developed for girls and boys ages 7 to 17.


This highly structured residential program assists young men ages 15-17 to develop inner discipline, healthy living and respect for others. Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy.


The Learning Center utilizes Oxford Crossroads Alternative School to serve boys and girls ages 11-17 who face challenges in the community, school or home. Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy.



The Adventure Center offers custom designed experiences to achieve personal and team growth in all areas such as leadership, team building and problem solving.


This program assists youth and their families with the transition period following residential or day-treatment and focuses on successfully reintegrating participants into their homes and communities.

Our Mission |  Our Vision

Believing all youth are at-risk, Crossroads for Youth strengthens families and youth with skills and tools so they become valued contributors in their communities. Our vision, is to have Crossroads for Youth be recognized and utilized as a valuable resource for providing professional solutions for helping at-risk youth.

Every Child Deserves a Chance!

Our full-service agency offers community-based, day-treatment and residential therapy programs, to families and at-risk youth.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Every child or teen who participates in a Crossroads For Youth program, receives a personalized treatment plan, that includes individual, group and family therapy sessions, along with specialized therapy programs.

Crossroads for Youth is a private, nonprofit treatment agency that serves at-risk children and youth. Since 1953 we have helped young people and their families from all walks of life. The heart of our mission is the belief that every child deserves a chance.

Crossroads for Youth offers premier programs that give children and teens exactly what they need. For some, a place to feel safe and cared for. For some, a place to learn how to succeed in life. For others, an opportunity to overcome the past. We reach out to at-risk and disadvantaged youth and their families from all over Michigan through our residential, day-treatment and community-based services.

We utilize a proven therapeutic model combining Choice Theory and Adventure Based Experiential Learning techniques built on a foundation of trauma-informed care. We empower youth so that they can learn how to evaluate their own behavior and actions in order to make thoughtful decisions in their lives, while also facilitating emotional and psychological healing. Our beautiful 320-acre, wooded main campus provides an ideal environment from which to offer a wide variety of programming. It is amazing what kids discover about themselves when they are given the opportunity to disconnect from technology.


Volunteer With Us

Crossroads for Youth could not exist without the hard work and dedication of community members who volunteer their time to help us in our mission. We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available. Do you have a group that would like to come to our main campus for a day and help with painting or landscaping? Do you have a hobby or skill that you would like to teach to the kids in our programs? Do you want to help at our Annual Golf Outing or assist with our Annual Campaign mailings? No matter what your interest is, Crossroads for Youth can find a way to put your time and talents to good use.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Crossroads for Youth Board of Directors or a Board Committee, please click here to go to the Board & Staff page for more details.