Crossroads for Youth is a private, nonprofit treatment agency that serves at-risk youth ages 7 - 17.

We utilize a proven therapeutic model combining Choice Theory and Collaborative Problem Solving techniques built on a foundation of Trauma-Informed Care. We empower youth so that they can learn how to evaluate their own behavior and actions in order to make thoughtful decisions in their lives, while also facilitating emotional and psychological healing.

Located on 320 acres in Oxford, MI, Crossroads for Youth provides non-secure residential and day treatment programs for at-risk youth. Our campus includes residential halls, a state-of-the-art school, private lake, and miles of wilderness to explore.



Residential Facilities combining Choice Theory, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Trauma Informed Care as foundations for recovery from abuse and neglect. The programs are offered to boys and girls ages 7-17 who are referred by the Department of Health and Human Services. Treatment services include individual, group, and family therapy sessions. 


This leading-edge, highly structured program helps young men ages 13-17 develop inner discipline and learn new ways to solve problems. The youth learn to take personal responsibility for their own choices and behavior.


Multiple ways residents can report

If a resident experiences or fears sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or retaliation, they can:

  1. Tell any staff member, contractor, or volunteer (including chaplains, teachers, medical, etc)
  2. Submit a grievance or medical slip
  3. Ask to speak to the PREA Compliance Manager
  4. Call/write the Children’s Protective Services: 855-444-3911

Third-Party Reporting

Youth can also ask someone else to help them, such as a family member, friend, attorney, probation officer, outside advocate, caseworker, foster family, or another resident.

External Reporting

Residents can contact CareHouse, Oakland to report sexual abuse or sexual harassment. CareHouse, Oakland is not part of the agency and has agreed to accept resident reports. When they receive a report, they will forward the report to the agency to initiate an investigation.


Program Contacts:

For more information about our treatment programs or referrals, please contact:

Sherry Pianko, Admissions/PQI Manager
248-628-2561 ext. 202
(Court referrals only)