It’s all about the Kids: a column  by Dr. Janet McPeek, Ph.D., President of Crossroads for Youth, January 2016

I know it’s easy to fall into the January blues and be discouraged, but I’m confident that 2016 can be your year if you set the right New Year’s resolution.

The biggest misconception about establishing New Year’s resolutions is that you have to rid yourself of a bad habit. I have a suggestion for this month, and all year round: do more of something that is already positive in your life. What’s the most positive activity you engage in? Spending time with your family.

Family, and having a solid home is crucial in a child’s life… By dedicating your New Year’s resolution to be with them more, you’re providing stability and support for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.

Here are some tips to keeping this New Year’s resolution:

  • Evaluate what activities bring you the most joy when you’re sending time with your family, and make more memories doing those things.
  • Plan dedicated time to spend with your family, even if it’s only one family dinner per week - small steps make a difference.
  • Give gratitude for the time you’re able to be with your family, and the impact they make in your life.
  • Share with others, so they know you’ve made this resolution. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire them to do the same.

Happy New Year from Crossroads for Youth.