It’s all about the kids: a column by Dr. Janet McPeek Ph.D., President of Crossroads for Youth


As school lets out and summer break approaches there comes an inevitable shift in schedule, perspective and mindset. This is particularly true when a student is set to move to a new school: elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, or highschool to the next step in education or career. It’s easy to get caught up in the fear of the change to come, but it’s important to be open-minded about what’s ahead.

Tips for helping dealing with change:

  • Talk it through. Chat with someone you trust about your worries in your ‘next chapter.’ By verbalizing your concerns you can work together on finding solutions.
  • Set realistic goals. Whether it’s: ‘I will read one book each month in the summer’, or ‘I will strive to be on the honor roll next year’, it’s good and even exciting to be aspirational.
  • Breathe. I know I offer up this bit of advice often, but realize that although change is a constant, you will get through this. Relax, breathe easy, and you’ll be ok.

Personally, I’m about to embark upon one of the bigger transitions in my life. I’ll be focusing solely on my private practice and retiring as president of Crossroads for Youth this month, after decades leading nonprofit organizations. I am reassured in knowing that Marc Porter, previously vice president at Crossroads for Youth, will serve as president of the organization. Marc is truly a great leader, and he and others from Crossroads for Youth will continue to write these columns to share insight going forward.

It will be a huge professional transition period for me - but I’ll take my own advice: relax and breathe easy. I wish my readers only the best in the transitions and changes that each of you will inevitably encounter. Thank you for allowing me to provide insight over the years.