Board & Staff

The Board of Directors of Crossroads for Youth is responsible for the management of the agency. The Board consists of professionals with diverse talents from a wide variety of backgrounds. Their duties include:

  1. Reviewing and evaluating Crossroads for Youth’s mission and vision
  2. Ensuring effective fiscal management
  3. Engaging in strategic planning
  4. Attending at least one event on campus per year
  5. Regularly attending Board meetings
  6. Actively participating on at least one Board committee
  7. Selecting the President of agency and evaluating the President’s performance periodically
  8. Monitoring and approving programming
  9. Making a personal monetary donation
  10. Maintaining the confidentiality of Board proceedings and internal documents
  11. Helping expand Crossroads for Youth’s network of supporters, advisors, donors, potential Board Members and key contacts
  12. Following the conflict of interest policy as stated in the bylaws
  13. Actively participating in fundraising for the agency

Crossroads for Youth also has numerous Board Committees that oversee specific aspects of the agency. These include:

  1. Public Relations & Development
  2. Building & Grounds
  3. Program
  4. Executive/Finance

Please note it is not required that you be a member of the Crossroads for Youth Board of Directors to serve on a Board Committee.

If you are interested in becoming involved in Crossroads for Youth at Board level, please email your resume to

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Greg Atkins—Board Chair
Susan Hollady—Vice Chair
Greg Capler—Treasurer
Michael Witzke—Secretary

Gregory Capler
Mark Johnson
Pradeep Kokate
Brewster Moore
Charles A. Peterson
Ron Reynolds
Royale’ Theus
Jason A. Vazzano
Joe Kent
Tina Barton
Kellie McDonald
Cathy Sherman-Bittrick
Patrick Skiles

Advisors to the Board

Bradford C. Jacobsen
Anna Spradlin
Hilary Maciejewski
Edward Stotts, PhD
Michael Tatti—In Memoriam

Judicial Representatives

Hon. Eugene A. Moore
Hon. Colleen A. O’Brien


Marc Porter, Executive Director
Jaime Oprita, Finance Director
Chris Veihl, Clinical & Diversity/Inclusivity Director
Melissa Whiting, HR Director
Kelly Schultz, Admissions Director


Please contact us with your questions and comments.

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