Crossroads for Youth has partnered with multiple organizations to help with the personal growth, healing and academic performance of the children at Crossroads for Youth.

Oxford Community Schools

Oxford Community Schools

From the beginning, the community of Oxford has been a generous neighbor to Crossroads for Youth. In 2000, the community solidified its collaboration with the nonprofit with the opening of Oxford Crossroads Day School. The nearly 8,000 square-foot school was constructed so students would have one central facility for traditional classes, as well as vocational studies. The school is staffed by Oxford Community School teachers and assistants.

SAY Detroit Play Center

Twice a month, the children of Crossroads for Youth take a trip to the SAY Detroit Play Center in Detroit for a day of recreation, academics and sensory therapy involving music and dance. The students can even go into a SSAY Detroit Play Centerrecording studio and create songs about their lives. The Notes for Notes® program includes professional instruments, recording equipment, DJ gear and more. The SAY Detroit Play Center recreational aspect includes soccer, football and basketball opportunities. Crossroads for Youth has also been invited to go to Detroit Piston games, as guests of the Detroit Pistons, a big supporter of SAY Detroit Play Center.

Teacher’s Pet

Since 2012, Crossroads for Youth has been working with Teacher’s Pet, which pairs troubled youth with difficult-to-place rescue dogs. During the five-to-ten-week program, dogs are brought to the Crossroads for Youth campus. Working with Teacher’s Peta trainer, the children teach rescue dogs positive reinforcement behavior. The youth learn about empathy, anger management skills and develop patience, while the dogs learn more acceptable behavior. The program is highly successful for both the children and the animals; after completing the program more than 90 percent of the dogs find forever homes and the children receive a Level 1 dog training certificate.